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Konos microphone

Konos - a new class of microphone

A compact 80-element high-fidelity, high sensitivity array with adjustable directivity and optional real-time noise filtering to capture the clearest sound at a distance, even in the most challenging sonic conditions.

The one microphone to have in your kit.

On the street, in the theatre, at an event, out in nature, up in the air, and in locations previously considered too noisy, windy, or expensive to set up and record in.

Knows every sound is valuable.

Multiple virtual microphones capture target and ambient audio simultaneously to make mixing and post-production editing easier.

Effortlessly adapts to any situation.

Unique to Konos and a world-first, use built-in adjustable directivity to switch between extremely narrow or wide pickup angles. Record a lively sound with a flat response and a natural bottom end every time with one mic.

Removes noise while recording in the most extreme environments.

Eliminate off-axis noise in real-time with low impact on fidelity, using the optional noise filtering of the revolutionary KONOS processor.

Highly sensitive at a distance with extensive range.

Sharp off-axis rejection and significantly reduced side and rear lobes keep your beam tight through a very wide range of frequencies, over long distances, inside and outside, and with impressive noise-handling tolerance.

Konos microphone
Exceptional directivity that outperforms all others

Konos Technical information

In comparison with other high-end directional shotgun microphones, Konos maintains negligible side and rear lobes through a very wide range of frequencies, over long distances, inside and outside, and with impressive noise-handling tolerance.

Three exceptional pick-up patterns achieved with one microphone

The Narrow Beam setting allows you to really focus in on a subject. Think of this as your hyper cardioid microphone setting. This setting is particularly useful when trying to capture audio from a source that is far away.

The Mid Beam enables a wider capture pattern which is typical of other cardioid type microphones. This setting is useful when you want to hear more of the room.

The Wide Beam captures a full 180° in front of the microphone. This setting gives you the freedom to capture a very wide setting. Useful both indoors and outdoors.

Channel 1 (Target Channel)
Channel 2 (Ambient Channel)

Technical Specifications


80 element MEMS microphone array

Frequency response

50Hz – 20,000Hz

Audio output

3x XLR-M balanced mic outputs
Front, Compliment and Konos Select


External power USB PD 2.0/3.0 12V



Operating time on battery power

~3.5hrs (10,000mAh power bank)

Dimension and weight

Konos Array: ~155g / 5.5 ozø 35mm, L 255mm
Konos Processor: ~770g / 1.7 lb

Ambient Operating temperature

10ºC to 40ºC / 50ºF to 104ºF


Anodized aluminium

Qualified warranty (Manufacture defects)

1 year

Accessories (included)

Shock mount, foam windsock

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